The deer huntsman

He crouched down on his knees in an unthreatening position amidst the symbolic oak trees, and in his offering hand, he cupped the freshest grass.

Bambi peeked out through the shrubs and saw his hypnotic sea-blue eyes. She stared back cautiously, and as he nodded reassuringly, she galloped over slowly; Her little heart thumping with antlers in the air.

Oh, silly Bambi.

Now, you can barely breathe.

Start with Hey…

I miss the way you call my name
Even when you’re mad
I hate that I called for a silly game
That makes us both so sad

I love the way you call my phone
To drag me out of bed
I hate that I am so alone
Because of what I said

Some day is much too far away
I won’t survive a second
I won’t survive another day
So I’m going to start with Hey.
Hey I am such a fool
But you know that anyway
I could drown my sorrows in a pool
But the skies are much too grey

The sun is hiding in your yard
It lives within your eyes
I know that I put your heart on guard
By making us say our byes

I know I said a hurtful thing
I’m so sorry about what I said
I’m sorry I tried to play the king
My regretful heart has bled

Make my aching heart stop
Won’t you take me back
My plan was a total flop
I just needed a good whack

I promise to run with you
Land, sand or sea
Just say you’ll always love me too
And what will be will be…